Get the Tools You Need to Live Healthier

Stop by at a natural food shop in Billings, MT

Let's face it - getting all the vitamins and minerals you need through your diet is challenging. Thankfully, you can get your daily dose by taking dietary supplements.

If you live in Billings, MT, stop by Montana Harvest Natural Food. Our natural food shop sells a wide array of supplements, so you can get all the nutrients you need.

Discover the benefits of taking dietary & nutritional supplements

Discover the benefits of taking dietary & nutritional supplements

Are you wondering if dietary supplements really make a difference? Well, by taking the right supplements, you can:

  • Reduce vitamin deficiencies
  • Have more freedom with your food
  • Support your overall health and wellness goals

Want to enjoy all of the above benefits and more? Order supplements and local natural food with us today. You can also call us at 406-252-6969 with any questions.

Why choose Montana Harvest Natural Food?

You don't have to look far to find the right natural food shop. You'll love shopping with us because we're:


we offer options to shop online and in our store


we've been selling dietary supplements for over 26 years now


we're passionate about educating our customers and even host health seminars

Visit our online store today to see our selection of local natural food. If you place your order before 5 p.m., it'll be shipped on the same day.